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Dear Colleague

(The things we're dying to say)

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Do you have a colleague who is inept, intolerable or just plain lazy? Does your manager drive you mad? Does work make you homicidal? If so, this is your place to let off steam. You may not be able to tell your colleagues exactly what you think of them, but you can get it off your chest here, whether they've insulted you, stolen your sandwiches or just spent all day doing nothing.

A Few Rules (please read!)
1. No using real names, i.e. those of your workplace, colleagues, etc. Keep it nice and impersonal.
2. Write your posts in letter format. This is not just a place to rant, it's a place to direct your specific issues with a particular person/group of people that have ruined your day/week/life.
3. Be intelligent and coherent. Don't make yourself look like a bigger idiot than the one you're writing about. Use proper spelling and grammar; no stupid abreviations and the like.
4. Play nicely. No flaming and all that jazz.
5. Use an LJ-cut for long entries.
6. Stay on-topic.

I think that's it. Happy venting!