Star Bug (teague) wrote in dear_colleague,
Star Bug

Dear Dayshift Frontdesk Person

Dear J,

I am vastly relieved that our interaction is limited to shift change. You, frankly, are a twit. You obviously don't have a concept of professional bounderies, since you come in and make announcements about how you have left your abusive boyfriend, and then how you have returned to him. It might be different if you were looking for advice, or help, but you never take not one bit of it. You are, imho, just looking for attention. I also get to correct your mistakes, and I hear all about how you like to stand outside on the cell phone most of your shift.

But what *really* made me decide to write this letter is the poem you left in the copier, after looking up clipart online, printing that, and printing the poem you wrote in MS Word, you pasted them together and copied them to make a single work of art. For posterity, here is the poem:

I'm Sorry

I want to say I'm sorry for

certain things I say.

And sometimes how I act is really

not the way.

We are so far apart, my mind

sometimes goes astray.

I know this is no excuse for what

I said today.

If you were with me, at your feet

I would lay,

So that you would know how sorry I


And that I will continue to love


Forever and a day...

I have not altered one line.

Very Interesting.

Your Night Auditor.

PS: I think you are a loon.
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Hi there. I found you through cube dwellers, just so you know. Ok, here's what I think about your situation. You're right. Your colleague has a serious problem, but I don't think you really understand it. She doesn't want help or attention from any one but her partner. She sounds like a submissive personalty. I think she's probably in a misunderstood, and mixed up Domination/Submission relationship (even if tshe doesn't know it). While she may not be aware, she probably has a real addiction to being told what to do. Of course, I'm making this evaluation based on this one entry of yours, but I think she needs to be controlled. I think she needs to have some one who she sees as stronger who can "take care of her." It a sad situation really, but one she won't be able to get out of until she is ready to accept her nature as submissive. I don't really feel the need to explain BDSM and what it really means in a post, but if you want to learn more about it, and maybe help her, or at least get her to shut up, I'll be glad to tell you what I know.